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Guardianships & Conservatorships

Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorneys

New Mexico guardian and conservatorship litigation lawyers helping you protect your family

Sometimes your loved one becomes incapacitated and requires a guardian and conservator. NM Trust and Probate Law Firm, LLC can provide you with swift, economical representation and advisement to accomplish this goal.

Contested Guardianships and Conservatorships

If the situation arises where you require representation to petition the Court for guardianship or conservatorship or to intervene in an action, NM Trust and Probate Law Firm, LLC can help navigate the ever changing law of guardianships and conservatorships to help preserve your loved one’s dignity and Estate.  We are mindful of the gravity of such actions and costs (both emotional and financial) to the potential ward and family. L

Caring for an incapacitated adult

I can help you arrange for the care of an elderly parent or disabled adult. I can assist you in the process to have yourself, or another concerned and qualified loved one, appointed as conservator. I can also guide you in choosing a professional conservator to manage your loved one’s financial needs responsibly for their best interests.

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NM Trust and Probate Law Firm, LLC serves clients throughout New Mexico. Call us at 505-585-3239 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at my Albuquerque office.

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